The Konnekt Dementia Phone

Konnekt is the first dementia phone that

  • Addresses cognitive declineRecent studies demonstrated improved cognitive function in just 6 weeks of increased face-to-face social engagement;
  • Enables those with dementia to make phone calls, more easily than any phone we’ve seen; and
  • Allows nominated sons, daughters and carers to check in visually.

Dementia, the Biggest Killer

Dementia is said to be the cruelest disease because it causes 2 deaths: The slow extinction of the personality, followed by departure from life.

  • In 2016, dementia became the leading cause of deaths among females, surpassing even heart disease.
  • About 10% of the over-65s, 30% of the over-85s, and 52% of aged-care residents have dementia.
  • Dementia is the greatest cause of disability in seniors and 3rd leading cause of disability burden.
  • It’s frustrating and scary to see them forget family, become dependent, fight to stay at home.

If your family member has dementia, you CAN make a huge difference to their quality of life.

8 ways to help parents with dementia

Konnekt paper: Learn about modifiable risk factors, and read evidence-based methods you can use to make a difference.

Dementia study: Face-to-face conversation helps

Increased social interaction via daily face-to-face calls for 6 weeks were recently shown in an OHSU study to be a promising intervention for improving cognitive function. This is great news for family members unable to travel, too busy or too far away to visit often.

Is your parent suffering from, or at risk of dementia? A user-friendly interface is key to acceptance and adherence. If it’s easy, they’ll keep using it

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Dementia: What can YOU do to help?

The Konnekt Dementia Phone

The Konnekt Videophone helps dementia sufferers in 3 ways:

  1. Face-to-face social interaction. Increased social interaction via daily video calls were shown in a medical study to improve cognitive function after just 6 weeks.
  2. Independence social engagement. One touch to connect. Nothing to remember. Incredibly simple.
  3. Check in, visually. Auto-answer with 2-way video allows visual check-in by sons, daughters and carers.

The world’s easiest Alzheimer’s / dementia phone

  • Nothing to remember. No menus, logins or icons.
  • No skills required. No keyboard/mouse. No pop-ups.
  • Calls mobiles, iPads/tablets & computers face-to-face.
  • Calls landlines, too. GPs, older family, backup numbers.
  • Always ON. Nothing to charge or switch on. No modes.
  • One touch to call. Zero touch to auto-answer carers.
  • See the name of the caller. Blocks unknown callers.

Easiest solution for sons, daughters, carers

Konnekt does EVERYTHING for you: Setup, personalization, call quality optimization. We even help your family get on Skype.

We keep it going, too. We’re your I.T. support. And we do all changes for you, remotely.

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Fiddly, complicated devices

  • Teaching a geriatric you care about to use a tablet PC or mobile is frustrating.
  • Logins, menus, pop-ups and fiddly little icons make them feel stupid.
  • Online scammers are a costly and terrifying threat to the vulnerable.

Wendy says her Videophone is simpler than a telephone.

Do Seniors Tablets work?

Our market research found that most geriatric over 75 have trouble using even the simplest tablets designed for seniors.Read more…

We call these top-drawer fillers. They end up in the top drawer, along with other unused gadgets!

The Konnekt Solution

That’s why the founders of this company, Karl and John, created the Konnekt video phone. They saw the needs of their own parents to see their family and friends, as often as they wanted, without the travel.

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Over 50s Living & Lifestyle Guide article: Being There When You Can't Be There, featuring Graham Christie talking face-to-face with family using his Konnekt Videophone

Featured on Over-50s Guide

As seen on TV, on the Over-50s Guide, in RACV magazine, at ATSA 2018 Conference and Dementia & Recreation 2017.

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Used in Nursing Homes and Independent Living

Recommended for and used by those with dementia or acquired brain injury, including SummitCare residential aged care in Sydney and Community Living Centre in Vancouver.

Konnekt Videophone wins ITAC award

Winner, Best Product in Aged Care

For those with dementia, or at risk

Judy and daughter Cheryl

Videophone Saves its First Life

Dementia prevented Judy from reporting her illness. Daughter Cheryl saved her life. Read how.

Lower Depression Risk

Social isolation is bad for your mental health, and regular face-to-face social interactions are likely a great way to help prevent depression.— Prof Alan Teo, M.D., M.S., Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Oregon Health & Science University

Dementia Specific Key Features

  • Enables vital face-to-face conversation, with an easy user interface for greater acceptance/adherence
  • One-touch named call buttons – world’s easiest phone, ever
  • No menus, icons, charging – nothing at all to remember
  • Auto-answers trusted carers, with 2-way video – reduces worry
  • Blocks telemarketers, scammers, fraudsters – increases safety

Noel’s Cognitive Improvement

Noel has severe dementia. He couldn’t recognize his own daughter Valery on the telephone. It was heartbreaking for Valery because she lives 4 hours away and was unable to see Dad face-to-face often. Until…

Noel’s new Videophone was set up to Auto Answer Valery’s calls. Valery persisted over many weeks, speaking to him face-to-face. Thanks to the many dementia-specific features and Konnekt’s constant adjustments, Noel started to remember his daughter. He is now answering calls without Auto Answer, and dialing Valery independently.

We’ve seen Noel’s improvement with our own eyes, and the medical evidence supports it. This is only one example.

Chloe talking on Konnekt Videophone

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