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Connection is at the heart of everything we do at Just So Care which is why we love getting your customer feedback and sharing it with the Just So Care community. Here’s what you had to say about us recently.


Norfolk, UK

“I just wanted to let you know what a huge difference Konnekt with Captioning has made to all our lives…What a massive difference! The connection is instant, the picture clarity is really good – and because he is profoundly deaf, the subtitles are an incredible help to him.

The after-sales service is second to none. We have been so impressed with the rapid response to our queries…so we can highly recommend ‘Just So Care Ltd’ – it is so reassuring to know that that sort of support is there when we need it, so many, many thanks for that.” 


From Australia, Dad lives in the UK

“Dad seems much happier now because he has someone to see on the screen; it’s more than just a voice. He likes being able to see the family, and them being able to see him. Konnekt also lets me keep an eye on Dad: he has a bad leg, but at the start of each (auto-answered) call, I can watch him walk to see Konnekt and monitor his condition. I would definitely say children should get Konnekt for their elderly parent. No point thinking about it, just go and get one.” 


From the UK

“My Mum is very pleased with the Konnekt device and has managed to see and talk to all the grandchildren and great grandchildren all over the world for the first time for over the year. The only complaint is that we should have found it much earlier.” 

Professor Alan Taylor

Vice President of the Australasian Telehealth Society

“My mother-in-law in the UK has hearing and memory difficulties. After many years of search for a reliable way to keep in touch I found Konnekt. We have had no internet or connection issues and the system has helped us have confidence in how she is doing.”


Warwickshire, UK

“Amazingly simple to install and use, even for Grandma with shaky hands and who found using her iPad for communicating with friends and family was becoming more and more difficult. Now Konnekt has solved that, friends and family from far and wide around the UK, even those in the USA and Europe can call her. So easy and cost effective too. Making a big difference to the feeling of being alone – takes the worry from family too knowing that she is okay. Brilliant job” .


From New York, Mother lives in the UK

“When my mum sees someone in the background she says hello and that pulls them into the conversation the way you just don’t get with a phone. The conversations are much more engaging, and therefore last longer. I have also used it to show her around places that she will never be able to see – the building work that is going on in our apartment, my son’s hockey game. I just switch to the other camera on the phone, walk around and narrate. I am really excited to have set this up when I did, given the challenges of international air travel right now. I was heading to the UK in April, but now won’t be, and it doesn’t feel as much of a disappointment to my mum as it would have done before Konnekt.”

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