Konnekt Video Phone Seniors

Face-to-face video conversations with friends & family any time with Konnekt

  • Huge one-touch call buttons.
  • Louder than a tablet, phone or laptop
  • 15 inch screen, pressure sensitive for ease of use
  • No phone numbers to remember
  • Safe and secure
  • Never gets lost or misplaced like a phone or tablet
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Konnekt for seniors and older adults

Konnekt is a simple seniors video conversation device ideal for older adults to give them a better quality of life. 

They can SEE family and friends as often as they like, without travel, through a simplified Skype user-interface. 

Live independently, have control while still easily and safely connect to the family. Reduce isolation.

Communicate with relatives during vacations, at special occasions with Group Calls, and any time they can’t be there in person. Captioning (live Subtitles) can also be added for those who are hard-of-hearing

Family members can share photos and videos during these calls, and make memories together. Watch the grandkids grow, even read them bedtime stories.


Much louder than tablets or laptops. Captioning or Hearing Loop connections for the hard-of-hearing.


Large 15-inch (38 cm) screen, easy to see. Pressure sensitive for older fingers.

One Touch Buttons

Huge one-touch call buttons with contact photo. Incredibly simple. 

Auto Answer

Auto-answer option for trusted carers. Reduce their worry when you can’t answer.

Show Photos

Friends and relatives can show photos from their computers to your Konnekt while you communicate.

Blocks callers

Blocks unknown callers. No telemarketers or fraudsters.

Awards and Accreditations

Konnekt has won awards for the best consumer friendly product in aged care and nominated for achievements in business and innovation.

Registered Device for Medical Need

Konnekt is a recognised by HMRC as a device for Medical Need. We can supply it for qualifying conditions with 0% VAT. 

Konnekt is recognized as a powerful social tool for helping older adults connect to community, to regain control of their lives, and to remain living independently for longer. 

Safety is increased too: Konnekt blocks scammers, telemarketers and other unknown callers. It can even let trusted, nominated family members and carers check in visually when there’s no answer or in an emergency


“My Mum is very pleased with Konnekt and has managed to see and talk to all the grandchildren and great grandchildren all over the world for the first time in over a year. ”

– Roger

“Dad seems much happier now because he has someone to see on the screen. He likes being able to see the family, and them being able to see him. 

– Ben

“Amazingly simple to install and use, even for Grandma with shaky hands and who found using her iPad for communicating with friends and family was becoming more and more difficult.”

– Geoff

Why Konnekt is a better solution than any mobile phone or tablet

Screen Size
Most tablets and mobile phone screens are too small.

Less features, simple to use
Tablets contain too many features; Konnekt is incredibly simple to use.

You can’t lose or misplace a Konnekt
Tablets and phones get taken from room to room; lost or misplaced or where WIFI is poor and ringing can’t be heard.

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