The world’s simplest videophone

Konnekt Videophone

Konnekt Videophone is the world’s simplest phone, designed specifically for the elderly and those with a disability or hearing loss.

It is the first phone that can actually help increase cognitive ability for those with memory loss / dementia and help lower depression risk, as per the latest studies on social isolation. It also enables family to be exceptional care-givers.

Severe hearing impairment / deafness? Read about the new Konnekt Captioning Videophone.

Videophone mitigates Coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown, 14.8% elderly death rate. Read how.

NEWS: Videophone helped save Judy’s life in Dec 2018. Read daughter’s story.

Designed specifically for the elderly and those with a disability or hearing loss.


The Konnekt device has large easy to remember buttons

Hearing Loss

Loud hi -fidelity speakers and hearing aid support

Aged Care

Provides residents with a simple form of communication to meet special needs


A simple from of communication for those with physical difficulties


An incredibly simple to use phone to meet special needs


Operating small buttons or even using your fingers can be difficult with arthritis

One Touch Calling

Connects face-to-face to any iPad, tablet, mobile or PC worldwide via Skype. Calls telephones too.

Auto Answer

Gran can’t answer? Disability? Dementia? Emergency? Check they’re OK with 2-way video & sound. End the worry!

Huge ButtonsExtra Loud

For shaky hands, low vision, poor hearing. Restore independence!

No Computer Skills Required

No logins, passwords, icons or menus. Personalised contacts, buttons, text sizes, colours, language. Konnekt does all setup and later changes for you without a visit.

Check on Health

Konnket Videophone provides a simple and effective way to visually check for signs of stress and poor health. Calls from trusted contacts can be connected automatically, so you can see, hear and offer comfort in the event of a fall or emergency. End the worry when they don’t answer.