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One-Touch Calls

Safe & Secure

A simple-to-use face-to-face video communication device which can be used by those with no computer skills.  

Konnekt joins loved-ones to their family, friends and the world around them by providing face-to-face conversation which is proven to reduce feelings of isolation and improve health and well-being.

Designed with a range of abilities in mind, Konnekt can adapt to changing capabilities, helping individuals maximise their independence. With Konnekt, there are optional features and settings designed specifically for those with impaired physical or cognitive ability. 

Dementia & Aged Care


Hard of Hearing, Sight Loss & Disability

Konnekt with Captioning

Konnekt with Captioning uses large fonts and easy-to-read subtitles that appear in real-time as conversation takes place. This is ideal for those who are hard of hearing, deaf or partially sighted. 
Captioning can remain on the screen to allow you more time to read.


The Konnekt screen is pressure sensitive which makes it suitable for older fingers or pointers. Trusted contacts can be identified by large easy-to-read, personalised buttons and family photos can be added to to help with recognition.


Safe & Secure

Konnekt uses Skype software which provides end-to-end encryption on Skype-to-Skype calls.

At Just So Care we ensure only your trusted contacts who are pre-programmed into the device can call in or be called from the Konnekt, so that your calls are protected.


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