Our Story

At JustSoCare we identified an absence of genuinely simple-to-use products and services that meet the needs of people experiencing impaired physical and cognitive abilities, and their families. Complex feature-heavy products can be confusing, isolating, and stressful for those experiencing impaired capabilities for varying reasons.

Our Intention

As people are living longer it is understandable that we want to live lives independently and in our own environments for as long as possible.

At Just So Care we intend to empower those at home, or in other residential care settings, to have as much independence and control as capabilities allow. When these capabilities change over time, the products and services that we use should be able to adapt with us.

Our Commitment

At Just So Care we understand how challenging it can be to find products and services that nurture personal independence, security, and communication with friends and family as well as the outside world. 

This is why we have made a commitment to find, develop and provide unique products and services that positively impact the health and wellbeing of individuals, families and their communities. 

We believe that by striving to attain these goals we can help people experiencing impaired physical and cognitive abilities to establish a greater sense of control in their lives. Our hope is that by offering these products and services we can help families feel more connected and confident that the ones they love are safe and secure.

Our Mission

At Just So Care our mission is to make technology accessible for people experiencing impaired cognitive and physical abilities.

We are grateful to have the opportunity to share products and services that support those seeking to maintain their independence. We do this through simple, safe, and connected technology which is uniquely relevant to personal needs and capabilities.


We strive to push the boundaries of technology to discover and develop products and services that meet the needs of individuals and adapt to changing capabilities. Innovation with simplicity-of-use can be a challenge.

At Just So Care, the technology we create and represent remains free of complexity.



We understand how important it is to feel safe in your environment. Staying connected to family, friends and carers and being able to know that our loved ones are safe helps us feel secure. This is why we work with trusted brands and partners to ensure that we provide a genuinely safe experience for everyone.


As a company dedicated to helping others, we pride ourselves on our attentive customer service. We’re here to help you on your own, or your family’s, unique and personal journey.

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