Dementia & Aged Care

Face-to-Face Conversation

Auto-Answer = Confidence

Promotes Independence

Living with Dementia means that we struggle with communication at times.

Facial expression and body language can be especially important when communicating with loved ones living with Dementia. Simple face-to-face interaction on Konnekt can facilitate important contact with support networks from the comfort of home or a residential care setting, for the times when we can’t be together in person.

Konnekt’s one-touch calling and the option to add photos next to the contact’s name makes communication for loved ones living with Dementia manageable and less overwhelming.

Familiar Conversations

Dementia can have a big impact on people’s daily activities. Having the ability to experience regular social interaction with family, friends or other important people in your loved ones life is really important and can make a significant difference.

Auto-Answer = Confidence

Checking in visually can help to identify changes in behaviour and other non-verbal signs of Dementia which are important to monitor. 

Konnekt’s customisable Auto-Answer function means your loved one can choose whether to answer a call. If the call cannot be answered for any reason then Auto-Answer provides reassurance to you and your loved one that calls can get through in case of an emergency.

Promotes Independence

Helping to support someone with Dementia to remain independent means trying to make their environment feel familiar and manageable. Konnekt can allow your loved one to remain at home whilst making it easy for you to contact each other.

Konnekt allows for gentle nudging or explicit reminders for daily activity via a face-to-face chat. Purchasers often express that Konnekt owners refer to video calls as ‘visits’ as they’re so interactive. 

How Konnekt Can Help Those Living With Dementia

It’s important to stay connected, even when someone living with Dementia may have trouble recognising us. Konnekt has the ability to help maintain regular interaction with familiar faces and important support networks from the comfort of home or any residential care setting. 

Konnekt offers features including a ‘hide self view’ button which hides the user’s image from themselves. This can be helpful for loved ones living with Dementia who may find new technology confusing or unsettling.

Konnekt for Aged Care

Feel Connected

Stay in Touch

Reduce Loneliness

The Covid-19 pandemic has shone a spotlight on the impact of social isolation and loneliness across the UK.

Isolation has always existed amongst older generations but as Covid-19 has emphasised the importance of regular social interaction, it is essential that we acknowledge that even as we return to ‘normal’ life, isolation and feelings of loneliness will continue to challenge our society.

Studies indicate high loneliness levels are associated with an increase in depression, cardiovascular disease and hypertension. Face-to-face contact with family and friends can help combat feelings of loneliness and increase regular social interaction.  

The range of adaptive and assistive features Konnekt offers provides a fully customisable communication experience, which is important for supporting those experiencing loneliness and social isolation.

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