Hard of Hearing, Sight Loss & Disability

Loud & Clear

Large Screen

Captioning Feature

Disability impairments increase with age and can lead to a variety of difficulties.

Konnekt is developed with a range of disability impairments in mind and offers life long support to family members living alone or in a care home setting. The range of adjustable and assistive settings the Konnekt offers allows for simple and effective communication. The robust, large, one-touch pressure sensitive screen and auto-answer function means there’s no need to dial a number or remember passwords. 

Loud & Clear

Two large in-built cone speakers with adjustable volume mean that ringing volume can be separately adjusted and easily heard. 

Konnekt’s microphone is highly sensitive and can pick up sound in another room. If you use a hearing aid, you can plug your hearing aid loop into the standard 3.5mm audio output socket to make daily communication easy and effective. Additional USB speakers or headphones can also be added.

Large Pressure Sensitive Screen

Konnekt’s 15 inch screen and large buttons provide a simple visual layout. With enough space to share video, text or photos from the connecting device HD video can also assist with lip reading and sign language. 

Konnekt with Captioning

Leading artificial intelligence (AI) software provides real-time subtitles as the caller talks on Konnekt, with no delay or interruption to conversation flow.

This service upgrade is for those experiencing hearing loss that is not helped by amplification or those experiencing sight problems who would benefit from larger font sizes. 

How Konnekt Can Help Those Living With Hearing Loss & Disability

Action on Hearing Loss (the UK national charity) recognises that people experiencing hearing loss find it difficult to use the telephone. When speaking to someone who is hard of hearing the NHS advise using short sentences, avoiding jargon or long descriptions and using pictures and visual aids.

Konnekt with Captioning brings family, friends and other trusted contacts together using face-to-face communication, so that you can support a family member’s unique needs. 

Konnekt for Sight Loss

Large & Clear Text

Colour Choices

15" Screen

Aged Care

Visual impairment or sight loss can happen at any age.

Depending on the level of sight loss lifestyle is likely to be affected, including daily communication with those around us.

Konnekt offers a range of preference features for those who have impaired sight. Age related macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetes, strokes and cataracts are some of the most common eye conditions that can cause loss of vision.

A variety of clear text styles and colours can be chosen to suit individual needs; bright, muted or high colour options can be displayed. Large one-touch buttons can be organised on the screen for easy identification of family and friends. Konnekt offers reassurance through safe and secure communication.

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