Live Independently

Stay Connected

Feel Secure

Spend time with family, on any occasion anywhere in the world.

As a registered assistive technology, Konnekt is classed as a communication aid specifically designed for older adults, retired seniors and pensioners. 

Konnekt supports independent living making it easy to stay in touch wherever you or your family are, at home or abroad. Customisation options mean that you choose how you want to interact with Konnekt wether it’s sharing news, having a chat with friends and family or accessing your support networks. 

Simple-to-Use Technology

Technology is always changing but Konnekt changes to meet your individual needs, whatever they might be. Once Konnekt is installed one-touch calling means that you can easily access your contacts. 

A Communication Aid

Optional volume adjustment allows conversations and ringtones to be easily heard throughout the home.

The large 15 inch screen means your contacts are easy to see. 

Konnekt through any device

Konnekt is a powerful social tool that helps you to connect with your community. Family members or friends can contact you from any device and you can contact them out to any device. Skype must be installed for devices to connect.

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